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Choosing the right plant for your space is exactly what we specialize in! We consider the space required, lighting needs, and the overall esthetic you are looking for to achieve your urban jungle dreams!

Set Up & Design

During the set up & design process, we expertly choose plants and containers to create the desired look. Our designer will take the time to choose the perfect location for each plant to create the overall esthetic you wish to achieve. We then properly pot each plant chosen in the container. This could be a few lovely plants to accent an office or kitchen. Maybe a lush, full look for a lobby or living room. We can advise you on what plants would do best in any area. This even includes repositioning the plants you already own if needed. We want every plant and person to be happy and thriving!

Weekly Maintenance Plan

The weekly maintenance plan is the perfect choice for those who want all the benefits of live plants without any of the work. Every week, we come in to check the overall health of your plants, water appropriately, fertilize with organic pet friendly products as needed, trim and train to keep a healthy, beautiful appearance. Repotting services are also available. Should any pests be an issue, we’ll take care of that too!

Monthly Maintenance Plan

The monthly maintenance plan is a great option for those who need help with just the details. Plant care is more than just watering. It requires fertilizing with appropriate products based on your plant’s specific needs as well as proper trimming and training for healthy growth. Once a month, we will evaluate the overall health of your plants, fertilize with organic pet friendly products, treat any pest problems, trim and train to maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance. Repotting services are also available. We leave the weekly watering up to you!

Quality Guarantee

For clients under weekly maintenance plans, we happily guarantee the quality of our plants! If ever you are not satisfied with the health of the plants we provided you, we will swap it out for a fresh look at no cost to you. We work with local greenhouses to always provide you the best plants available!

Going out of town?

Leaving your indoor jungle for just anyone to care for isn’t any easy thought. You need someone you can trust! At Cultivated Nature, we are knowledgeable on how to care for a variety of plants. From topicals to succulents to grandma’s heirloom violets. Your plants are our priority! Out of town care includes watering, trimming, and pest treatment if needed.


Repotting & Soil Change

As a plant grows, it may become necessary to move it into a larger pot or refresh the soil. While some plants prefer tight spaces, others require more room to continue to thrive. Repotting happens when it is determined that the plant is no longer healthy in the pot or soil it is currently in. This can be due to growth, drainage problems, and overall time lived in the current pot. Repotting service is available to new customers as determined during consultation to begin a healthy maintenance plan. Existing customers also receive this service at appropriate times during the length of their maintenance plan. Purchase of larger pot may be required.