Benefits of Living Plants

  • Plants clean the air by reducing the carbon dioxide by 10- 25%, remove small amounts of VOCs, mold, bacteria, and other toxins from your environment.
  • Plants help to reduce stress by promoting a sense of wellbeing and boosting our mood.  
  • Looking at nature is calming and boosts creativity by stimulating certain areas our brain.
  • Having live plants in your home or workspace can reduce noise by absorbing sound rather than reflecting it, which leads to a more enjoyable and serene environment.
  • Plants in a work setting help to increase productivity, performance and focus by at least 15%.
  • Plants make workspaces more attractive and inviting to employees, job applicants & customers.
  • They help to reduce sickness by reducing stress, boosting mood, cleaning air, producing oxygen, and increasing humidity. 
  • Plants in a bedroom can help you sleep better by absorbing sound and producing oxygen.